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Sunday, May 27, 2007


Chaperoned my daughter Amanda's field trip Thursday, but still almost made the 10K word mark. We're in the home stretch, coming into the climax of the book. Problem is, I've been writing small jaunts into the book at a time. No writing tomorrow, so on Tuesday, when I head out to the Borders in Northboro, I'll need to focus on the scene at hand and get some extended writing done. Problem is with writing in 30 minute, 20 minute incremements, makes for short scenes, jumpy, which works at various points of the book, but not the climax. Too much going on, need to focus on the action, and the detail, and the final character development. A lot of juggling, can't rush through it. At this stage, always better to write too much and cut later than not write enough and make everthing flat.

We just finished watching (on tape) the finale for 24. Yawn. Honestly, I love this show, but you can tell even the writers lost interest a couple of weeks/hours ago, and they were simply trying to fill in the time with story. Which is too bad, since 24 is one of the best shows around. I hear they're going to 'reinvent' the show next season. Here's what I've thought they should do and have thought so for a couple of seasons (but since I don't know Keifer S I may as well tell you): Go back in time, make 24 take place in the late 1800's, Jack the Ripper time, or perhaps World War II. No high technology, not ability to track thermal images via satellite and all that deau ex machina they rely so heavily on. The digital clock between commercial breaks: a sweeping second hand, with a real mechanical TIC TIC TIC. The cast? Bring everyone back (who wants to come), including the woman who played the evil Nina. If it's a WWII scenario, who better to play a spy? Anyway, it's more of a challenge, but it would be a hoot. I'd even help write it... of course, Mr. Sutherland will need to ask me first. Otherwise, I continue on with New Horror Novel....

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