The News of the Next Generation

Well, new week. Not a lot of news on the writing front. Still waiting for the IRS to send me a weird international tax form so I can forward it to my agent in Italy, so they can then forward it to the Italian publisher, so we can finish out the advance work. I guess the US and Italy have some kind of agreement that way. No word yet from Alpharet as to the exact day Solomon's Grave will be released in Russian.

I should focus on the kids this week, I think. They never get enough air time. Everyone's pretty busy, though:

A Big Congratulations to my son Andrew, who turned in his freshman science project in physics and did his presentation already. Andrew worked extremely hard on this one. We even put together a DVD of all the experiments. A lot of hours, a lot of work, so it's great I'm sure to have that off his shoulders. Nice job, Andrew. We're both very proud. On top of all this he's still hard at work at karate. He's currently a purple belt, soon to be trying out for... blue, I think... :-)

Amanda (11) is working hard as well, putting in at least 8 hours a week at school rehearsing for the musical School House Rock! being put on with many kids from her grade and older. This is shaping into a pretty professional little production. This, on top of her flute playing, girl scouts, and what not.

Audrey (almost 9) just had a big day yesterday when both families came up for an early Easter celebration and celebrating Audrey's pending birthday celebration. She's also starting her softball practices, joined the junior track, is practicing with the Brownies for a play of her own soon (she's going to be a tree! Is that cool or what?).

We couldn't be a prouder Dad or Mom. They're great kids. Busy, and great.



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