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This most recent newsletter, after a long time silent on the email front:

Hi, everyone. Sorry, been, what, eight months since my last newsletter?Been posting on the blog ( but have beenremiss in thisWhat's inside:
* Wheels and Heels Against MS walk this weekend
* Solomon's Grave coming out next year in English
* Plague of Darkness coming out in Germany in January
* "True Fashion" now appearing in Jack Haringa Must Die!
* "Box" coming to Coach's Midnight Diner 2 this Fall and currently inRelief Journal 2.2
* "Family at Dinner" recently sold to Shroud Magazine
* Miscellany

First off, the event which finally got me to send this out
Wheels and Heels Against MS - annual 30 mile MS walk.
Each year, my brother Paul and sister Anne are joined by other family members and friends in a 3-Day, 50-mile walk on Cape Cod to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. Over the years their team, called Wheels and Heels Against MS, has raised over $50,000!! They're doing it again this weekend, SEPTEMBER 5 - 7. A number of people ask me about this each year, so I wanted to get the word out, a bit belated this time around (my apologies). Obviously, we're in the midst of difficult economic times and resources are being stretched extremely thin, but if you'd like to make a donation (never too late, of course) you can either log onto their team fundraising site: and make an online pledge or mail a check the old fashioned way, payable to The National MSSociety, to either Anne or Paul at:
Paul Keohane / 2 Jillian Rose Dr / Oxford, MA 01540
Anne Murphy / 16 Kenneth Lane / Tewksbury MA 01876

Good luck this weekend, everyone!
Now, to the writing....
Solomon's Grave to be published by Edge/Dragon Moon press next year in English ========================================================
After seeing print in Italian and German (and almost Russian), my novel Solomon's Grave will be published next year in English by Edge/Dragon Moon Press. They're a small/mid-sized press out of Canada who also distributes to the US. Yea, I seem to be taking the ICBM missile course to US publishing, starting in Europe, moving over the pole into Canada.... They haven't pegged a final release date yet, but early plans are for the Spring of 2009. More as I know it....

Plague of Darkness to be released in Germany January 2009
Otherworld Verlag, the German/Austrian publisher who published Solomon's Grave in its gorgeous German edition (as Das Grab des Salomon), has acquired another of my novels, Plague of Darkness, for publication in German, as Plage der Finsternis. The cover's done (once I get an official image I'll share it with you, but early looks were pretty cool), translation's almost done, and the book is scheduled for release in January 2009. This will be Plague's worldwide debut and I'm prettyexcited about it.
"True Fashion" now appearing in Jack Haringa Must Die!======================================
Not sure if many of you know or remember back in March (depends if you follow my blog) when I killed off one of my fellow Central Massachusetts writers in the world's first official "Kill Jack Haringa on Your Blog Day"? Well, a number of these entries, mine included, have been collected in a small paperback (104 pp) edited by writer Nick Kaufmann, called "Jack Haringa Must Die! 28 Original Tales of Madness, Terror and Strictly Grammatical Murder." They did this, aside from the It-Would-Be-A-Hoot reason, to raise funds for the newly established Shirley Jackson Award for work in the horror genre. Though the book is currently available from Amazon, if you order directly from the Awards website (
they keep a much higher percentage of the $10 sticker price for thefund-raiser. You can also see the full table of contents, which includes some pretty major names (hey, I'm in there after all, ).

Short story, "Box" coming to Coach's Midnight Diner 2 this Fall andcurrently in Relief Journal 2.2
Fellow writer Michelle Pendergrass, co-editing a sequel anthology tolast year's successful Coach's Midnight Diner, invited me to write a story for #2. CMD is an interesting mix of Christian themes with dark horror, nothing sanitized, which deals in some way with faith. The story I ended up writing is rather grim, but I have to admit it's one of the best stories (I think) I've written in a long time. Special thanks to Holly Wang, who works with my wife Janet, who got me phonetic translations of dialogue from English to Mandarin Chinese. The anthologyis due out sometime this fall, but in the meantime, they also publish a literary magazine called Relief Journal, and in the most recent issue, Relief 2.2, they've published the story as a promotional tool for the upcoming anthology. Relief is an incredible magazine, with essays, poetry and fiction. Since there's no website yet for the Diner anthology, here's a link to the lit magazine that has the story (and it's on sale for $10 currently, just found out):,shop.product_details/category_id,1/flypage,flypage.tpl/product_id,7/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,135/vmcchk,1/ (or you can just go to and lookfor issue 2.2 along the bottom right)

"Family at Dinner" coming soon to Shroud Magazine
After spending years, literally, on the maybe list of two major magazines (one ended up folding, I finally pulled it from the other), my surreal story "Family at Dinner" has been accepted for publication inthe new horror magazine Shroud ( This is a slick horror mag (print, not web) which has been gaining quite a reputation. The story is slated for issue 6 at this point, sometime later this year, early next.

No word yet which specific issue of Cemetery Dance Magazine "Living by the Highway" will appear in. Likely the next one (after the one due out any day now...). More as I know it.

For those who do not know, way back in January this year my novel Margaret's Ark was a semi-finalist in a contest run by Penguin/Amazon. Didn't get any further than that, but we walked away with a nice Publisher's Weekly review and those very cool Amazon reviews, so a gain all around. Thanks to everyone who participated.

OK, that's it. Again, sorry for the delay. I'll try to do better next time...


Jennifer Rahn said…
Congrats on your novel coming out from EDGE/DMP! The brief history of the novel that you mentioned is very interesting. I'm wondering how it came to be published in German first. Is there another blog that posts that story?
Hi, Jennifer! Sorry for the delay, didn't notice the comment posted. I originally hooked up with an Italian agent via when I was marketing the novel. She sold it to an Italian publisher then the German publisher Otherworld. She's the same agent who eventually hooked up with DM Press to sell the book. Pretty roundabout path, but always interesting. :-)

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