Back Home, at least...

Well, we have heat in the house, at least on the first floor. The second floor heating system pipes all burst when the warmth reached them (save one - give it time). Janet and the girls are on their way home from my brother and sister-in-law's house, and Andrew... well, my son is currently in the bathroom having an arguement with seals. It's OK. The two girls have both had it - last night was Audrey, night before Amanda. :-) Three down, two to go (me and Janet). Sigh. Seems we've had someone sick on Christmas last three years - there's symbolism in that somewhere.

Still, we're home. Thanks to Mike and Kathleen and the kids for keeping us at their house the past few days, even if we ended up filling their house with a stomach flu virus. And the rest of our families and friends for all the support this past week and a half - special shout out to Paul and Holly Blain who've been watching dog Molly and guinea pig Honey since the power went blinko. And to the Brenners for staying in the same hotel as us so our respective kids didn't go TOO stir crazy. :-)

So everyone will be home for Christmas - one to remember. And it ain't over yet....



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