Ruiniation and Rebirth

Hi, everyone. Living in new England has been interesting lately, if nothing else. Our town was pretty much destroyed by the ice storm which roared through Thursday night. No one in town slept, awake listening to thousands (literally) of trees breaking apart and crashing into power lines, poles, cars and houses under 5 inches of ice. One of those "perfect storms," to use the ironic catchphrase. At the moment we're sequestered in a hotel, and the National Guard has been working 24 hours a day trying to get power back (almost every line is down), and from folks working at the shelter these soldiers and utility workers have been sleeping only a few hours before heading back out. This is what the Guard was made for, and I can't express how grateful, and infinitely impressed, I am for what they're doing and how they're doing it.

Not a whole lot on the writing front, naturally. At the moment the novella Nightmare in Greasepaint L.L. Soares and I are working on is at the top of the To Do list, though finishing up Christmas shopping has been pushed in front of that lately (yea, yea, mixing up my imagery a bit there).

Thanks to everyone for their words of support. It's been an adventure (my son celebrated his 17th birthday in a hotel room yesterday with his sister and another family from town). I think my daughter's going to be celebrating her 14th birthday tomorrow the same way, but what can you do? At least there's a pool.

Oh, and maybe you've noticed if you go to that it now redirects to this blog instead - thought I'd try the Blog As Homepage thing for a while, see how it works...

Talk to you soon, I hope.


Oh my gosh! I had no idea you were in that storm. We'll be praying.
Thanks. Still no power, but they've begun clearing our road of trees at last. The main roads in town have power, and we're heard from people who live off these roads and they have power now. So if they finish our road, then the light dept can move in (once they get to us). Of course, there's 12-14 inches of snow moving into the region in a couple of hours, so.... :-)

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