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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

See You at Boskone this Weekend?

I'll be heading off to the Boston Science Fiction Convention, Boskone this weekend. If you're going, look for me wandering around aimlessly or at the following panels/events (times subject to change, as always for any con) with some pretty cool and prominent fellow panelist/performers:

Friday 8pm Faith in the Future
What is the forecast for religions in the future? Will there be more fundamentalist or more atheist types? Will it matter?
Jeffrey A. Carver; John Farrell (Moderator), Dan Keohane, James D. Macdonald, James Morrow

Friday 10pm Why I Write Horror's not because you're crazy (is it?) So, why? How does creating this very darkest of the genres help you (or--one hopes!-- your readers) make sense of the "real" world? To create understandable connections with the BAD things around them? And, where--and how-- does horror *fail*?
Christopher Golden, Dan Keohane, Sarah Langan (M), Paul G. Tremblay

Saturday 1pm Mining the Bible
No question about it -- there are some terrific tales in the Bible. What are some that are particularly interesting to you, as a storyteller? How can you extract and use this material, while still showing some respect for its source (if that matters)?
Dan Keohane, James Morrow (M), Sonya Taaffe, Jane Yolen

They have me doing a reading Sunday morning but that's been canceled as I cannot stay for Sunday. As it is, I'll likely head home late Saturday to kiss the family. :-)

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