Special Lottery for the Shirley Jackson Awards

The Shirley Jackson Awards, organized and founded by a number of my fellow writers and New Englanders, is holding a "lottery" to raise funds. This on-line event takes place from February 9, 2009 through February 23, 2009. Persons buy as many "lottery tickets" as they want in hopes of being selected the winner for any of an array of donated prizes from well-known authors, editors, artists, and agents.

"Lottery" tickets are $1 each and can be purchased from http://www.shirleyjacksonawards.org/lottery/ .

Persons may purchase as many tickets as desired. At midnight on February 23rd, "lottery" winners will be selected randomly for each item and announced on the website. Prizes will be mailed to the lucky winners.

In recognition of the legacy of Shirley Jackson's writing, and with permission of the author's estate, the Shirley Jackson Awards have been established for outstanding achievement in the literature of psychological suspense, horror, and the dark fantastic.

Partial List of Donations to be Awarded
· From Ash-Tree Press: Collections of Sheridan Le Fanu: Mr. Justice Harbottle; The Haunted Baronet; Schalkin the Painter.
· From Laird Barron: A signed/personalized copy of his award winning short story collection, The Imago Sequence (Nightshade), plus an original piece of short fiction, in a separate, unbound manuscript.
· From Elizabeth Bear: Personally inscribed copy of The Chains That You Refuse, an out of print collection of short stories
· From James Blaylock: Signed copy (by James Blaylock and Tim Powers) of The Devils in the Details (Subterranean Press)
· From Douglas Clegg: Signed copy of the Vampyricon trilogy
· From Jeffrey Ford: Keyboard used to write several novels & collections, signed by Jeffrey Ford, to the winner.
· From Neil Gaiman: Computer keyboard, signed to the winner.
· From Elizabeth Hand: Signed galley for Wonderwall, her forthcoming novel
· From Brian Keene: Signed galley for Scratch, his forthcoming novel
· From Jack Ketchum: Signed afterwords, with handwritten comments for Only Child, Hide and Seek, and the anthology The Darker State
· From Nightshade Books: Limited edition of Tim Lebbon's Light and other tales of Ruin
· From Stewart O'Nan: Signed copy of unproduced screenplay, POE
· From Peter Straub: A reading copy of The Skylark, Part 1, read at ICFA in Orlando 3/2008.
· Tuckerizations by Ekaterina Sedia, Laura Anne Gilman, Nick Mamatas
· Manuscript/Proposal critiques from John Douglas, Alice Turner, Beth Fleisher, Helen Atsma, and Stephen Barbara

For each item, one winner will be chosen using a computerized random number generator. The winning names and prizes will be announced on the Shirley Jackson Awards website, http://www.shirleyjacksonawards.org/. The donating party will mail or deliver the prize to the lucky winner.


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