Sig Ep Lives

Last night, I went out to the Chateau in Westborough, MA (special shout out to Andrea, our waitress - I tipped her with a free copy of the book, lol) for a gathering of a bunch of my brothers from the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity. Had a terrific time, and it was great to see some guys I literally hadn't seen in near 23 years! Yikes. Special thanks to Boof and Stretch (Ken and Mike) for organizing the impromptu dinner and book signing. A few couldn't make it last minute, but we still had a great crowd: (I'd better go in order of seating so I don't mess up) Craig, Paul, Fran, Jim, Jeff, Scott, Tim and (fratnernity) big brother Dave: I'll make sure it's not another 23 years before I see some of you all again . :-)


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