Saturday's Other Big Event

It was quite a weekend in the family to be sure. As you saw last entry, Andrew graduated from high school Saturday, and now we rock and bump through a busy summer as we prepare both for him to start college and my daughter Amanda to begin high school.

And on the Amanda-news front, Saturday wasn't just graduation day, it was also annual Dance Recital day. Amanda is 14, and has been dancing with the same studio since she was 3. I've been scouring my electronic-everything trying to find a blog entry (before the term blog was ever heard of) where I talked about her first recital. Can't find it, someday I will, promise...

This year, Amanda's been doing not only a number of group dances, but also a Duo and a Solo! And she danced and twirled and was just so good. Janet said it best, When you look at Amanda's face while she dances, it's so obvious how much she loves what she's doing so it makes you love watching her all the more.

Then, at the end of the night, the woman who started the studio and has run it for 25 years (OK, I was trying to keep things anonymous, but the name's on Amanda's shirt I realized as I proof this, so let's just say Chickee, shall we?) gives one award out, for Most Progressive Student, a monstrous trophy to the dancer who has displayed the most advancement during the year. Each recital, you can see the hope in every girl's eye as the winner is about to be announced, and of course Amanda took home the trophy this year (along with one other, very much deserving dancer, Chickee's daughter Ariana).

It was such a big moment for Amanda and all of us. But even better, her dad was finally able to see her dancing after a year of competitions when I stayed home with the other kids and Janet traveled with her state-to-state.

We're very proud of you, Amanda, and always will be. Congratulations.


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