Is Tim Deal an Assassin or a Character Actor?

Sorry, just have to add this. Look down two blog entries, to the Bushnell photos, in particular the group photo - specifically Tim Deal. Better yet, I've cropped out his picture and put it here. OK? So, if you don't watch Fringe, never mind. But if you do, and caught last week's episode where the bald alien/time traveler guy kidnapped the woman - remember the assassin hired to kill her and fix the timeline? Now take a look at Tim's photo again. Sorry, but Tim, how do you get all the way to LA for a guest role in a major television show AND run a magazine here in New England? Good time management, I guess...? :-)


Anonymous said…
If you've ever had Tim edit your work...assassin might work. I'd go with something more in an authoritarian vein,,,maybe Seinfeld's Nazi Soup chef? Seriously, he's a great guy and doing something cool with Shroud.

Sorry - hadn't noticed the comment until just now. Hey, Rick! Yea, editors, can't live with them, can't put them on an isolated island out of touch with society because... well... who'd buy our stuff? :-)