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Friday, April 16, 2010

Playbook For A Dame - Special $1 deal for Kindle

My friend and author Vivan Davenport has just released her new novel PLAYBOOK FOR A DAME for the Kindle for only $1.00! A buck for a book with this as it's description:

Dreams! Drive! Danger! Balls! It’s 1954. Mona Winston, now a ripe fifty-two, is hell-bent on finding fame on the stage. She’s devoted ten years to chasing after Hollywood film roles and New York teevee jobs. After a gig as a carnival hootchy-kootchy dancer, she lands in Metroville, the Broadway of the Midwest. Filled with more drive and self-delusion than talent, the hard-scrabble Mona knows she’ll make it, “because I’m tough!” Nevertheless, life is still a struggle. She survives prison time and a bout with amnesia. She tangles with dangerous men, including two exes, a lynch-happy farmer, and a merciless drama critic, but yearns for the only guy she trusts, a three-armed musician with an extra shoulder to cry on. Mona finally scores a choice role in a major Metroville play. On the brink of stardom when opening night arrives, she makes two startling discoveries and must choose between her shot at fame and a shot at being a stand-up broad. Woven with the prejudices of the time, PLAYBOOK FOR A DAME is one dame’s struggle to be somebody. Her juicy story is served with a dash of noir, a dollop of heart, and a heap of grit. 

Come on, now, how you you pass that up? While we wait patiently for Solomon's Grave to someday be available on Kindle, I highly recommend this new wild ride from the new name of the author of Foot Art is Good Art and Tall Buildings, and for only a buck! (and no, I'm not Vivian....)   :-)

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