Jodi Blase

Jodi & I never met, though we grew up in the same town (I think... tells you how much we know each other, lol). In this age of internet, email, facebook, we make friends and aquaintences with people online, and it's not uncommon to go years, or a lifetime, never meeting in person. Sometimes, as in this case, you meet briefly because someone's curious how to setup a website and heard you've done it before, an opinion reference from a friend of a friend. Then you go on your respective ways. Just a side note, really. The point of this brief entry is simply to direct your attention to Jodi's blog. I enjoy it because it's ecclectic - you never know what she's going to talk about, but every time, it feels like I'm sitting at a kitchen table chatting with an old friend about - whatever. And, well, since this is my blog, I can talk about whatever I want, and today I'm talking about someone else's blog. Confused? Good. Check it out. It's interesting. Make sure to get a fresh cup of coffee ready, too.


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