"Contaminant" Screening Version - No Results yet

OK, so Ned posted the screening version of our 5-minute short "Contaminant" on you tube, while we await the judging results of the 48-Hour Film project competition (won't be announced until next month!). Now, keep in mind, there are a couple of hiccups in the production since we ran out of time (Ned's working on putting together a new Director's Cut edition with all the bells and whistles added, etc, and a few "oopsies, like the word "action" making it into the final scene, removed). Here's how the contest worked: at 7 pm on Friday we were given the following requirements:
   Genre: Science Fiction (based on luck of the draw)
   All entries, regardless of genre picked, had to include the following elements (to assure no one pre-films anything): has to have a character who is a plastic surgeon named Clark (or Claire) Larson, there needs to be a box used in the story somehow as a prop, and the line "I need to tell you something" has to be spoken. Aside from that, no rules, except the film can't be more than 5 - 7 minutes and it has to be written, filmed and edited that weekend and hand-delivered by 7pm Sunday night. Mad rush, mad rush. And lots of fun. Here's our short little film - I hope you like it (FYI, that's my arm in the last scene)
  Ah, and be warned, the first couple of seconds is a beeping test pattern...


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