Excellent Review of Solomon's Grave at Horrorworld

I don't mean "excellent" above as in reviewer Norman Rubenstein thought the book was perfect, he didn't, though he did seem to enjoy it. But he was open about what he liked and didn't, pointing out some flaws in the book. He thought it was very well-written and -paced, but had some issues, a couple of which I had to laugh when I read the review, because I agree. At one point, Rubenstein calls my main character, Nathan Dinneck, a "wuss". That's great, because that's exactly how I wanted him to be viewed. It was an issue when writing, I had this strong-willed side characters, and Nathan seemed, well, boring for the most part. He had a pretty humdrum life. When I realized this, I actually went in and accentuated it, basically showing how his ex Elizabeth was the mover and shaker in their relationship, and he was the happy follower. When I had this personality trait ratified, made it a lot more interesting trying to convince the character what was going on. Rubenstein points to an out-of-character scene where Nathan almost gets violent with Vince the caretaker. Funny how things comes back to bite you, I remember writing that scene, and feeling it wasn't quite right, but couldn't put my finger on it. Considering I quickly had Nate back down and then had Elizabeth become the agressor, I probably at least unconsiously realized what I'd done and brought in the right person for the job, lol. Anyway, it's a great review, and a positive one overall. Check it out at http://www.horrorworld.org/reviews.htm . Note, you need to scroll way down near the bottom to find it. Ah well, at least it's there.


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