Enhanced "Contaminant" and Blog Changes

Hey, you'll notice the look of this website changing now and then - Google has added a ton of template tools, but some look great,but the text is weird. Working on it. What do you think?

Now, our 5 minute short "Contaminant" devised, written and filmed in only 48 hours as part of the 48 Hour Film Project, has been rereleased by producer Ned Utzig with all the final edits which we simply had no time to put in that weekend. This cut includes editing improvements, better f/x, more music from James (who also played the scientist), cleaned up and improved sound from our great sound guy Aaron, and the infamous "head shot" where we see Natasha die even more horribly and in slow motion! Looks great! The overall video is so much tighter and cleaner. Check it out at:



Mad Ned said…
I think the new template looks great!
(also, thanks for linking the movie!)
No problem! Thanks for letting me be part of it. :-)

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