Necon Jugband World Tour is a wrap

Just got back from Necon yesterday, had a great time. Big shout out to everyone - too many to try and name here. Always a treat to see everyone. The photo is just an example of the kind of deep, literary work we do at this serious con. We brought back the Sleepy Hollow Jugband for the talent show, and took first place! Yea, kind of scary. Here's the video:

The song ("The South's Gonna Rise Again") is from 2000 Maniacs, a particularly nasty old horror flick. Anyway, looking forward to Necon 31, and special thanks to the Booth family for putting on another winner of a conference.

Oh, PS: in the photo:  Pete Dudar, Lauran (LL) Soares, and me.


Anonymous said…
The song is from Herschell Gordon Lewis's classic film 2,000 MANIACS. Not 2,000 Corpses. LOL
ARGH! You're right. I keep saying that - I keep thinking 2,000 Maniacs is the wrong title because of that annoying 90's pop group! lol I'd better go change it now that I'm thinking of it. Thanks! whoever you are. ;-)

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