Branding - or Who The Heck is Daniel Gunn?

Nothing. Daniel G Keohane is fine, and author of Margaret's Ark and Solomon's Grave (and the upcoming Plague of Darkness, but that's another topic for another day). But there is a concept called Branding, where your author name becomes synonymous to readers with your most well-known works, and directs them to the next book, and the next. As much as Solomon's Grave is labeled a horror or suspense novel (it was a finalist for the coveted Bram Stoker Award in 2009 after all), it's also an Inspirational Suspense novel. Same with Margaret's Ark, which is by far (and so far) my most successful and well-received novel, if the reviews coming in and sales numbers are any indication.

Now, in January I released Destroyer of Worlds, and though the couple of reviews it's gotten have been tremendous, and personally I think it kicks major butt novel-wise, it's a more traditional horror novel, part supernatural, part psychological drama. And it has a lot more swearing and a LOT more sex in it. Though not all readers of Margaret's Ark have been Christians, or religious, many are. And much of Destroyer might not appeal to them.

Branding. How do I differentiate to a reader without resorting to content warnings the difference in content of the two sets of novels? The author name.

Daniel G Keohane, my full name and long-standing author de plume, for my faith-based novels.

G. Daniel Gunn, my name mixed with a faimily name, a way to make the horror style of anything else I wrote stand out. Someone likes Margaret's Ark, they'll look for more books by Daniel G Keohane. Someone likes Destroyer of Worlds, they'll look for more from Mr.Gunn. Now if I can convince the publisher of Christmas Trees & Monkeys to change the name as well...

It's not unique. Other writers have done this in the past (one extremely good dart player who comes to mind is author Michael Marshall Smith, aka Michael Smith, aka Marshall Smith).

Thanks. Let me know what you think....
aka, G  :-)


Makes perfect sense. Also, thanks for sharing your book sales with us...we totally appreciate it!
Heh right! Hard to split 8 bucks too many ways... :-)
Frank Koudelka said…
Dan, I just finished Margaret's Ark. It was excellent. I am looking forward to Solomon's Grave and the Destroyer of Worlds.
Thanks, Frank!!!
Frank Koudelka said…
Dan, just finished Solomon's Grave. Awesome. I liked it as much / more than Margaret's Ark. You are a real talent, my friend!
Wow, really? Usually it's the other way around (people like M's Ark more than S's Grave). Thanks. :)

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