Wicked Pitch

Amanda & I visited the open house at UMass today a couple of weeks ago. Most of it was a bit dry (tough to be very specific, I suppose, when a couple thousand people are there to learn about a couple dozen different studies). The very end was great, talking 1-1 with one of the heads of the school Amanda's looking at. And the very beginning, as we shuffled into the monstrous hall for the beginning of the above-mentioned dry speeches and got to hear an amazing acapella group, Wicked Pitch


That's about as far as I got with my post from two weeks ago, then I stopped... Brother Paul said, days later, "Hey, what happened to your Post Every Day committment?" (literally, my brother, Paul, not a traveling monk who came by Nathan-like to scold me for my sins...)

Yea, I know. I simply lost steam, decided what the heck was I writing, where was I going? Maybe I'd said everything. Dunno. Something stopped me.

I'm back now. I won't promise I'll have something to say every day. But hopefully I'll start moving forward with somehting, one Talent at a time. But that statement's for another time....