Whew..... still more to come but time to sleep, perchance etc

Yea, going to have a really brief one tonight, but I said I'd post every day for the rest of Lent so here I am, 10:43 at night, exhausted. The Mission Market at New England Chapel was fun - the crowds (I guess, according to others, since this was my first) were much lower than usual (I guess because there was no live music this time around), so the sales were low, but overall I think we earned a little over $200 towards our trip. Overall we're not quite but almost halfway to our fundraising goal to send me, my wife Linda and daughter Amanda to Alabama in April on a missions trip. See our Alabama page for more info.

Linda couldn't make the market tonight because she the other leaders were up in NH at the Berea youth retreat, and I couldn't be more proud. Amanda's creative journals sold very well and made quite a splash. She sold half of them and our uber cool organizer Dena is going to try and sell more in the morning.

Special Shout-out to Dave and Diane Wassenar for working with us at our table all night. Thanks so much!! And to Mark O'Brien whom I just met tonight who came in early and helped me set up. And to everyone else who came by including my sister and helped out in so many ways. NEC is an amazing bunch of folk.

That's it, though. Tired and have to get up early. Going to let the dogs sleep on the bed with me tonight, since the poor things haven't seen me all night. :-)


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