10 days Gone and What Do You Say?

Sorry, been a bad boy and haven't posted in 10 days.. OK, OK, so I actually did, ended up deleting it. No one likes a whiner. Still, thanks, everyone, for the concern. It's cool, man, it's cool. I'm chillin'.... all right, sorry. Too old and pale for using the chillin' word....

Been so busy this week with the Interfaith Hospitality Network and a Hundred Things family-wise, doesn't feel like I've accomplished must. But starting to get feedback from one of my Beloved Proofreaders on Destroyer of Worlds, so far so good, with some tweaking in a couple of places. About 3/4 way through my final edits. Need to finish this one. Have a week. As long as my part's done before 10/31, I made my deadline.

Some news on the front for Plague of Darkness, believe it or not. I hadn't realized it was out anywhere, yet. More when I can mention it.

I entered the Amazon Breakthrough Novel contest, sponsored by Penguin books. Talked it over with my agent Sara and we figured, why not? The timeline is shorter than some regular manuscript submissions, and, well, it's Penguin. Still time to submit something of your own - if you have a completed manuscript, mind you. I'd say which book I sent them, but they're supposed to be anonymous. But I will say it's not Solomon's Grave, obviously, and it's not Plague of Darkness, and DoW isn't done yet.

Speaking of Solomon, Das Grab des Salomon, the German edition from Otherworld Verlag, is coming out next month. Editor Michael Krug is lining up some good promotion. Looking forward to it.

Someone told me tonight that children don't have peanut allergies, or any of the new food allergies which kids in the US are getting these days, or most any other country. Seems our incessant need for anti-bacterial soap is likely one of the major culprits, screwing with the next generation's immune systems (folks: kids NEED to get sick... stop it! Let them be sick!). If Someone of Power knows this, DO SOMETHING. Scary stuff.

OK, gotta go. Thanks for stopping by. Talk to you again soon.


Oh, PS. Just finished Lee Thomas' Dust of Wonderland. What a smart, brilliantly-written book. I'm straight, and have never read anything where the love scenes were only between two men, so I had to get used to that aspect, but even then, to my virgin eyes, they were written with tenderness and passion (but yea, sorry, I skimmed those parts, was getting freaked out). One of the better books I've read this year. Highly recommend it.


Anonymous said…
Hey Dan,

Thanks for the nice words about DUST. I'm glad you enjoyed it - well, except for the parts that freaked you out... HA!

Very cool of you. thanks.

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