Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween, so I feel I should post something today. Doesn't feel like Halloween. Maybe because of the delayed end to Daylight Savings Time, still light until a little after 6:00. Could be because we've been so busy wrapping up soccer season and getting ready for indoor soccer (this time I'm the coach - poor kids). The IHN week recently wrapped up, life is hectic, always is this time of year.

The girls are excited. Maybe I will be soon enough. Perhaps tonight, when we go trick-or-treating. Andrew isn't planning on going out tonight - he'll be handing out candy instead. Sigh. Life moves on, doesn't it? The kids get older, things change. Still, when trick-or-treating is done and we've tied the kids to their beds while they thrash in a sugar-induced hysteria, Jan & I will still settle in to watch the third episode of Creepshow 2 ("The Hitchhiker" - or as we like to call it: "Thanks for the Ride, Lady"), a tradition at the end of every Halloween for years.

During our last soccer game Darryl the coach (I was assistant coach), who used to live in the Midwest until a couple of years ago, said something interesting: "Halloween is an awfully big deal up here (meaning New England), much more than Ohio." I guess so. We love this holiday up here in these parts. :-)

I really wanted to visit Salem, as scary as the place is. The air is filled with... something. But it's only an hour away... never made it. Maybe next year. Maybe next year.....

I know I mentioned there will be some news on Plague of Darkness coming, but still nothing I can mention just yet. Also, something's brewing with Solomon's Grave. Things are moving along but can't say much at this point. Stay tuned.

Won't be finishing the final draft of Destroyer of Worlds today. The last two days were spent in talks with my agent Sara about developing stuff, one of the few things I'd ever let get in my way of my daily writing. :-) Almost done with it, though. Most of my proofreaders are lovingly pouring through the prose and mercilessly slashing with red pens....

Should be good weather tonight. Pumpkins are carved and illuminated. Costumes are ready. Kids excited. Halloween 2007. Have a great one, folks.

Oh, I updated my home page with a new free story, one from 2002. "Feed the Birds." Enjoy on this festive day.



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