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Sorry, a week behind on these. OK, so start:

Halfway through my final draft of UNTITLED. 4th draft, but I'm so happy with it I'm starting to get it packaged up for the proofreaders.

The book is basically broken into Part One and Part Two, and they're about equal in length (anyone reading this post a second time might notice I'd said part One was short, but come to find out, it ain't).

And no, still haven't come up with a freakin' good title yet. Sigh. However, I did decide on a couple of good quotes to stick on each Part Page, i.e. under "Part One: Corey's World" I have a quote from David Gilmour's song Out of the Blue, and another quote, same song, under Part Two..... That's not to say that when it sells I'll have the right to use it. Not sure how that works.

I'm still hoping to get my editing done by the end of the month, but with so much going on this month, including working with the families in the IHN program ( in town next week, soccer assistant-coaching and teaching in the classes for the High School religious ed at church every Monday... well... I'm going to try. Need to get moving on the next while the proofreaders grapple with the beauty (or unsalvagle mess) of the novel.

Couple other items: New TV season. Well, I think we'll settle on the following shows this Fall, and wait for the DVD for any others: HEROES, no question there. Though not a lot's happened in 2 episodes so far. CHUCK - what a brilliant, fun show. Two shows in, and we're hooked. THE UNIT - I don't know, we'll stick with it a little longer, plus Janet likes it. Good acting, just a vague and cluttered plotline at the moment. We're going to start watching NUMB3RS again, though last season we found ourselves falling asleep during the episodes. Not a good sign.

I had high hopes for BIONIC WOMAN, but judging by the first episode, the typical NBC melodramatic touches like slo-mo walking with hair all ablow... if others' tell me it gets better, we might deal with it on DVD some day.

Over the summer we watched season 1 of HBO's ROME... what a brilliant show. The guy who starred as Lucias Verinas has his own show now, a Quantum-Leap knock off called JOURNEYMAN.. might start taping this - mostly for the star than the premise.

And of course, waiting for January for LOST to start up again, and also hope that 24 does something new, and not just write themselves into a hundred corners or bore themselves, both of which they did last season. Time will tell. I still think they should set a season in the Old West or something, see what they can do with that....

Always more on my mind, but out of room. Oh, one more thing: Congratulations to Andrew for attaining Brown Belt in Kempo. Nice job! And to Amanda, for her first successful baby-sitting venture last night! And so I don't get in trouble omitting anyone: to Audrey, for being so good at soccer her team is *almost* undefeated. :-)

See you soon, promise...


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