And the new book will be....

I hoped to go back into Plague of Darkness to work out a slight revision I worked out with the book's potential (and still undisclosed) publisher/editor, but I'd made some preliminary changes on my Palm Pilot (this is SUCH a cool tool... TOOL, not toy... every writer should have one of these, with MS Word To Go... so cool - I can work on my writing, in MS Word, in the Wal-mart check out line! How cool is that? How cool is that?)... what was I.. oh, yea, I synched the Palm onto my home pc and forgot to Flash Drive it, so it wasn't on my ThinkPad (a time traveler from 10 years in the past is reading this thinking, "Huh?").

So, after about 15 minutes of free-writing (actually I was mostly whining and venting in Times New Roman 12 point), I began to flesh out some actual plot points for the next novel - one I had no idea I was going to write. I thought the next book was going to be called Frost, with an entirely different plot, but my Muse decided I needed to write this one first.

It's called, for now, Lost in the Woods. Don't try to assume what it's about.

Lost in the Woods. I like it. Gets right to the point (except that, well, no one actually gets lost in the woods...).

That's it. Have a meeting to attend.



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