It's Done! (well, sort of)

Just finished typing my final edits into the manuscript for Destroyer of Worlds. Man! I love how this thing ends, and I have to say Hank Cowles is the best baddie I've ever written, well, him and Nurse Charles. Felt GREAT last night in Barnes & Noble, while waiting for Amanda's dance class to end, to scribble the final edit on the print-out, and felt just as good a moment ago when I typed this last change into the manuscript.

My final changes were done on November 2nd. Two days off my self-imposed deadline. 7 months total from the day I started the outline, and I really, really am happy with the final result.

But... what I think doesn't count. Not yet. Book's not done. It's currently under the editorial microscope of three fine, able proofreaders: Mark Lowell, Fran Bellerive and Michelle Pendergrass. So far the comments coming in have been great (not as in, 'This is great!' though the response has been positive - trust me, if you're new to my world, this is not a common event.. lol.. but as in lots of very constructive suggestions). Life at home has been so busy Janet hasn't had a chance to pick it up yet, but she will. She may be my wife but she's just as ruthless as the rest. The perfect attribute for a proofreader.

Anyway, just happy with myself at the moment. We have so few of these self-congratulatory moments. Felt like posting.

Back to work. Miles to go before I sleep....




I can't wait til I finish mine. :)

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