It's Friday - That Means Update Time!

Been a good week for writing. After today's lunch writing break, Plague of Locusts' second draft is now 57% complete. At this point it's a true second draft, as this is the first time through the latter half of the book since penning the original. Funny, when I first started writing, I used to mentally prepare for the second draft because the writing always needed a lot of work. The more I write (and this, I assume, would be the same for everyone), the better the initial, first drafts are. So far, I'm really happy with the story - twin storylines that are connected in many ways but which, also, are completely different in scope and plot. I think it moves along at a good clip, too. Intertwined throughout are references to the state of religion a hundred and sixty some-odd years from now.

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of joining over 40 other area writers for a Writer's Coffeehouse in Worcester, sponsored by Annie's Bookstop and hosted by Christopher Golden and James Moore. People asked questions, talked writing, and overall had a great time meeting new folks and long time writing friends. Major hats off to Chris and Jim for taking the time to host these events. it was the second coffeehouse they'd held, and another is slated for next month in Newburyport.

Some news: I'll be attending, along with other members of the New England Horror Writers, the comic-con event Supermegafest, in Marlboro MA, April 8 - 10th. We'll be selling and signing books, speaking on a couple of panels, event holding a fiction writing workshop!. More information as it develops. Check the link - there are some awesome special guests already lined up.

As I write this my back is doing better. It decided to go out on me on the way home from work Tuesday, and only now can I walk around without holding onto something. It's something that crops up now and then, but not for a long time. Probably has to do with all the remodeling of the kitchen I've been doing lately. :)


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