Writing Update as of Friday, February 5th

I'm going to start posting regular, weekly updates (on Friday if I can manage) on where I am with new stuff being written, either as me, or my non de plume (is that how you spell it) G Daniel Gunn. Used to do this in the past, and it's a good accountability tool. I think, at least.

I've been pretty good about sticking to my "write every day" regimen the last two weeks. As my last entry explained in detail, I managed to write THE END on the first draft of another novel, this time a science fiction story Plague of Locusts. This week, having decided to keep going with this one, I worked on revision. Now, keep in mind, the first half of the novel was in varying states of revision already. I'd gone back to it now and again, if not adding new words, at least revising what I had, so early chapters were fourth or even fifth drafts. Now that the work is complete, however, the story, and the universe it takes place in, is more solidified in my mind.

What I've been doing, aside from revising the writing itself, it to work on continuity. Making sure the events, and history, are consistent. I'm enjoying this novel. Going to be pretty unique.

At this point - if you notice on the side bar I keep a running status of where I am wit each work - I'm about 39% through my first round of revisions. Coming into newer chapters which are still in early drafts, so the process begins to slow, since every word needs to be examined and potentially modified. I like this part, though, like sanding and smoothing a rough statue. Or something.

Signature sheets for the anthology Madhouse have finished their long, circuitous route around the country, and the book will soon be in the hands of readers. Containing my G Daniel Gunn story, "My Dearest Gwendolyn," it's a shared-world collection, where every author's piece fits into an overall story arch.

Finally, signature sheets are being prepared to go out for the upcoming anthology Borderlands 6, containing my G Daniel Gunn story "Shattered" written with Paul Tremblay. More as I hear.

Oh, and PS: I recently rejoined the HWA (Horror Writers Association). It's been a few years since I've been a member. Looking forward to seeing how this goes. Right now we're in Stoker season, with members voting on he Preliminary Ballot. Best of luck with everyone on the list!

Talk soon, in a week at the most.


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