With The Wind Blowing Through My Hair

I'm posting every day for the rest of lent as a way of breaking down walls I've built over the years - I think... to be honest, I'm not exactly sure why except that I feel I should... it's all badly explained here...)

It's funny how, when you work from home too long you begin to lose your perspective on so many things. You get stir crazy, lazy sometimes (if it goes on too long) - for me, I get bitter, too, especially on top of everything else I'm not writing. Not sure why. Change can do that, but No Change can do worse, and there's something about going into the office and working with your peers face-to-face that makes you actually enjoy the day. You feel needed again. I just finished work in the office today, and am sitting at my desk writing this before hitting the road. Honestly, I'd come in more often if it wasn't an hour drive each way. I was directionless, but now it's better, back on track. Sometimes we can wander off the path but that's why we have guides, in this particular case the guy I work with. Sharp cookie, that one.

I mentioned earlier how someone once said depression is an extreme case if self-absorption, or something like that. Working from home - be it in the field computers or full-time writing - alone for too long you become your own company, for better or worse. You, and your dogs. You wonder why mountain men or hermits are represented in movies or TV as wild haired crazy people. Check out my hair in my updated profile pic on the side bar in this blog - and if you've been reading you know I'm halfway to crazy already. Need to get out of the house more often, and not just to the same old place. Everybody needs to be among other people. That's one thing about my wife: when we go out, we meet people and talk. People just gravitate toward Linda and talk to her.

So if someday I find myself fortunate enough to write full time (because my writing can support it) then I'll need to make it a point to get out among other people. But until then, I need to go into work more often to remind me that most of my work related angst is in my head (which so easily gets dusty and needs to air out with a long drive).
That's it for today, need to head home, get some groceries and cook supper. Let the dogs out. That sort of thing. Haven't seen them all day. :-)


Anonymous said…
People are over-rated, Dan.--Vivian

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