Day 14 - Writing and Elephants and Puppets, Oh My

So it's been a few days, but I have been writing. I wrote a film review for the new website Film Horde, which should be coming out soon. Stay tuned here. And finally, finally, added another thousand words to my work in progress, still titled The Psalms Project. Working on the eighth story in the interconnected collection. So there's that for a mental and spiritual balm. Of course I'm upstairs now in my room, trying to find a corner I can escape the kids, including a very adhd foster child, and find it hard to get started. So of course here I am writing a new blog post just so the writing happens. I keep tabs on my WIPs on the sidebar here, so keep me accountable that I will still get back to the book.

Buddy Martin Holman has two new books coming out from his new Holman House Publishing, a short how-to called Back to Acts: How to start a Home Church available for pre-order, and his new fiction novel, which I'd been helping him on the last few months with advice and editing, called Flat Earth, which is being officially released on Friday!

So with the good weather finally upon us the littles are outside a lot more and when they are, usually play better together. Linda and I have been praying for more patience, having been finding ourselves snapping and impatient with the boys especially since the lock-down. We're definitely keeping busy. I'm trying to finish up content for the church's kids' message for tomorrow, as we're doing online church now until the virus blows over.

Speaking of the elephant in the room, so far we're doing OK. Every headache, symptom becomes this ominous sign of impending doom, and I'll admit I haven't had this many headaches in a one week span ever, but I know it's partially stress, and dry air when it's cold, and what have you. Every time I go out for an errand I worry about bringing the damned virus home with me. Still, most of the fear is unfounded, because the death rate, percentage-wise, is very low. But Elias has been asking me who will take care of him, and Sierra, if me and Mommy die? It's a good question and we're working on that now, just in case. I'm actually more worried about us both having to be hospitalized and someone having to watch the kids but like also having to be exposed to do it. All these things. Take precautions, pray for protection, and for peace. Especially peace. Fear is the mind killer, as Mister Herbert wrote.

Anyway, I need to write some new words for TPP and get downstairs. I think we're going to re-shoot a new puppet bit for church. And I need to do a couple other things with Linda and Sierra.  Get that video out of the way, so I can go outside and continue chopping up some trees.


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