Day 6 & 7 - Catching Up With Friends, and Making Church with Oranges

One positive about all this is we're all making concerted efforts to connect with each other. Called my oldest friend Kevin the other day and we talked until I had to corral the kids who were melting down. I mentioned my sister's group chat with us siblings. I've done individual and group chats with my older kids and their mother has done it. Younger folks in churches everywhere are rallying to check in on the older congregants. Everyone's talking to everyone else. There's nothing positive about any situation where people are getting sick or hurt, but there are always positives in how people respond.

Today is going to be a busy one. Pastor Marty is working with a handful of others to record a service for everyone to share together online tomorrow morning. Linda and I are going to work on the children's portion. kudos to the Orange Children's Ministry for allowing us to use their videos, waving any of their valid copyright rules. At least for the duration of this whole virus thing. So it's going to be a creative day in the Keohane household today. But this is good. Keeps our thoughts on other people and creativity, not our own personal doldrums.

I've been pretty grumpy more so these past few months. I need to get my butt in gear with my own writing now, I think. Have a movie review to get written then return to my work in progress, The Psalms Project which all humility aside is pretty friggin' good. At least I like it, and that's all that really matters initially at least.

This is going to be the long haul for this virus seclusion I think, more than just a couple of weeks. Finding time to get alone, even in this relatively large house, needs to be a priority with two small boys and a teenager in the house (well mostly the boys, Sierra's easy enough, she likes her own personal space as well). The key for all of us to do well is to keep my own emotions clear. We get high strung, the kids will respond accordingly, regardless of where you're holed up. I've been mostly failing in this regard, so my goal is to correct that.


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