Day 16 - Dark Threads and Dinosaurs

So as I write this it's just after noontime on day 16 - make that day 17, it's Tuesday. We do lose track of the days. We're hearing news tell us that respirators are being made and will be available in another month or so. Vaccines are being contracted to be made however they won't be ready (aka safe to use) until 2021. It's March 31st 2020, and we're looking at isolating and living in such extreme caution until 2021. It's too much to fathom sometimes. I get headaches whenever I get stressed, thinking about it and I know it's - well I hope it's - psychosomatic.

I finally moving ahead again getting my writing back in gear. Doing these blog entries, verbally before cleaning up so I can keep this going. But I've been writing fiction, as well, with another 1600 words yesterday to the Psalms Project. Going to be starting a new story / chapter probably tomorrow.

Today, I worked on my existing short fiction, did some submissions which always feels good. provides sense of hope and optimism, and always plan for the next submission so that when you get crushed you can send it out again. The sci-fi market is a tough nut to crack.

We're all getting along at home. Sierra and the boys switched bedrooms over the weekend, the dogs have not been out for a couple days as far as walks go, and therefore neither have we because of the rain. We need to get outside, to move. We need to exercise and I have a feeling as time goes on we're going to need to get strong physically, for various reasons. Not everyone in the world is kind. A lot of messed up people are also frightened. I'm not talking about hordes of raging mobs, nothing like that. Just... anyway, not sure what I mean. Though we are to live in the live in Light, and spread it, there are also people who live along the edges of the dark, or damn deep into it. They have been here through time immemorial.

In the meantime, going to head outside and help Elias and Roman film their new dinosaur movie.