Day 29 - Easter, Good News and the Meaning of Love

Sorry, it's been a week but quite busy, both at work and home, where we got through week 4 of hiding out while preparing for Easter. In the past - with a few years hiatus when the church we were a part of did this crazed, helicopter egg drop every Easter Sunday - we would have the entire Keohane clan to the house for a holiday gathering. When the nieces and nephews were smaller they would participate in an egg hunt in the yard. All typical Western mundania, all of it fun and joyous. Now, with everyone in isolation from each other, that's on hold for a time.

But church goes on, and Linda and I spent quite a lot of time soliciting clip from other kids and putting them together for what I'll admit came out to be a pretty unique, if maybe a bit deep philosophically, kid's lesson on the meaning of Easter, using garbage and a dust pan. This week's lesson can be found here, where you can see just how white I am with my opening dance number (which Linda made me do, lol):

Now for an even more joyous, if you can imagine, and widely relished change of topic: In case you haven't discovered these, actor John Krasinski began filming videos which cover Good News amid all the virus and quarantine we're living through. The first took off so widely around the world, he's decided to continue them every week while we're all stuck here. Seriously, sometimes these brought me to tears. They're wonderful and it's a tremendous example of using one's talents (and connections) to serve and acknowledge others in this crazy time.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 3:

Nice job, sir, and looking forward to more. You folks are seriously making such a huge difference here, with so many people. This, without question, is what love is.