Day 22 - Grizzly Bears and Puppets

Well, the third weekend of isolation, social distancing, quarantine, whatever word we want to use, has ended and we're beginning the fourth. Hard to believe in some ways, considering when this began, the idea of four weeks of isolation with family and no other physical contact was nearly unthinkable. We're a social, herding species. Especially as a society. Of course, there are exceptions, like one of my favorite TV characters as a teenager, Grizzly Adams, who was content to live in the stunningly beautiful and humbling wilderness with only a grizzly bear. Of course, even Adams had a couple of close friends to hang out with.

Like the weekend before Linda and I spent quite a lot of time putting together Sunday's kids message for church. Interspersing purchased content from Orange ministries who've been awesome with being lenient on where we use their content, and our own videos. Our puppetry skills came back, this time with Linda proving she can excel at anything. Here's this week's video

It was a lot of fun, but it was a LOT of work, too. I probably spent 8+ hours between writing the scripts, filming with Linda and the kids, then using the video editing software to put it all together. Should have gotten a lot more done around the house, but this was still good work. As before, Sunday night the Keohane clan - Linda and I and the kids, my Mom & Dad, brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews and their kids - all Zoomed for fun family visit.

In short it was a good weekend for connecting with family, and others, and serving in whatever way he could. It's a thing we all need to consider now, as we're settling into our own rhythms. How to be socially distancing in order to save the world, while being socially conscious (conscientious?) and also save the world. It's a tough balance sometimes. But when opportunities arise, we should ask ourselves if we'll regret later not doing it. 


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